Hotel Policies


At HACIENDA CAFETERA ECO HOTEL SANTA BARBARA LTDA, we are committed to providing services that comply with current legal provisions in friendly and sustainable economic, socio-cultural and environmental conditions, working together with guests, clients, suppliers and internal staff against the sexual and commercial exploitation of children and adolescents, discrimination against vulnerable populations, and child labour. We are committed to continually improving, guaranteeing and efficient, welcoming, personalised, trusted and quality service that allows us to execute the sustainable development of our company in all strategic areas.


Hacienda Cafetera Eco Hotel Santa Bárbara Ltda is committed to the quality of the services it provides as well as protecting and promoting the health and safety of employees, aiming to prevent accidents and illnesses by identifying hazards, assessing risks and controlling these. With the aim of continuously improving, the organisation is responsible for promoting a safe and healthy work environment by complying with legal requirements and assigning the human, physical and financial resources necessary for management, ensuring links with stakeholders in the culture of self-care, and implementing programmes aimed at prevention.


With the aim of preventing, improving, conserving and preserving the wellness of collaborators and ensuring a healthy work environment that enables the suitable performance of staff, Hacienda Cafetera Eco Hotel Santa Bárbara Ltda states that:

• Use, possession, distribution and/or commercialisation of unprescribed drugs that are hallucinogenic substances and alcoholic drinks is prohibited at hotel facilities.

• Employees may not appear at the workplace under the influence of alcohol, psychotropic substances or narcotics, nor may they encourage their consumption.

• Smoking is not permitted while a staff member is undertaking their duties within hotel facilities.

• Awareness and training activities will be promoted to create healthy habits in relation to the damage caused by drugs, alcohol and tobacco on the health of the individual and his/her environment.